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Tanah Lot

Sep 3, 2011

Rest Area this time featuring Tanah Lot in Bali, hopefully usefull.. and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

Pura Tanah Lot is located on the coast Beraban village, district of Kediri, Tabanan regency. The distance is about 30 miles west of the city of Denpasar and about 11 miles south of Tabanan. The temple was built on a hill and can be reached within a few minutes on foot, because the distance is only about 100 meters from the beach, when the low tide.

On some aisle cliffs around Tanah Lot Temple there are snakes, black and white stripes are very tame and trusted by local communities as penajaga temple. Around the temple there are also springs of fresh and sea water can diolihat when receding. The presence of springs that became one of the considerations when this place was chosen as the location of the temple.

Perhaps the story of this temple was founded by "Dang Hyang Niratha" in the 15th century. He was impressed by the aura of sanctity of this place, so finally asked locals to establish a "pelinggih" here. In addition to Pura Tanah Lot, at this location there is a "sacred serpent" fairly engrossed. Many visitors curious to see and touch the sacred snake, which is said to provide blessings and salvation.

To get into the area of  ​​Tanah Lot, will be charged Rp. 5000 per person. Along the road leading to the temple area, there are many vendors of souvenirs and Balinese food. In addition because of the beauty of its temples, Tanah Lot is also famous for its exquisite sunset, 

Tanah Lot and it also became one of the surf spots in Bali, though not as famous as Kuta, Dreamland, and other beaches. But, there is a new warning for couples going together, you must be careful - careful if you come here, because according to myth in circulation, your relationship will not last long, or in other words, would break up.

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Museum Bali

Jul 16, 2011

Rest Area this time featuring Museum Bali, hopefully usefull... and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

Bali Museum which was built in 1910 using traditional architecture with Balinese ornaments. Follow the physical structure of the physical structure of the palace building (castle) or place of worship (heaven, temple merajan) based on the concept of the abject mandala trimanandala Jaba linings (outer) middle mandala: Jaba the middle (the outside before entering the nucleus), and the main mandala offal ( the core).

On the front right corner in the middle there is a building called the Bale bengong. front left there is a building called a bale kulkul. At the core (viscera) there is a building consisting of three buildings that is building in the north of Tabanan, Karangasem building in the middle - tenagah, Buleleng building in the south. Tabanan building used as a place exhibits collection of art and ethnography, Karangasem Building used as an exhibition of objects of prehistoric, archaeological history, ethnography and fine arts as well as several paintings morder.

Buleleng building used as a place to exhibit a collection of tools housewares, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment tools, statues and primitive style sedehana made of clay, stone and so forth.


Bali Museum Denapasar centrally located, on the east field bellows Badung. The shape of the building extends from north to south which is divided into two bgian. The northern part is an old complex of buildings planned and built in 1910. Consisting of three main buildings are buildings of Tabanan, Karangasem and buildings Buleleng Building. Its function is penyelenggararan permanent exhibition. The southern section is a newly built complex banguna 1969. In this new complex of buildings there is the library, and also building a temporary exhibition. The whole complex of new buildings for administrative functions and organization of temporary exhibitions or fairs regularly held by the Museum of Bali itself or certain other institutions. Staging or performing arts are also performed at the new complex of buildings in the south.


The facilities available in the form of buildings of historical and ethnographic storage since since prehistoric times until the modern period of three buildings called buildings Tabanan, Karangasem and Buleleng in the north is the place where goods goods ethnographic art, ancient texts (inscriptions) , ceramics, porcelain figurines, household tools, farming tools, weapons, ceremonial tools, paintings, leather puppets and so forth. Third storage building relics of the past in place to enable the permanent exhibition. New buildings constructed in the southern part in 1969 is to facilitate the development of service facilities for visitors. Available facilities: libraries, laboratories, building for temporary exhibitions and a collection of contemporary relic, the office employees. In the front all the way Lt. Col. Brown is available  vehicle parking facilities for visitors. There is also a canteen that sells drinks and food for the visitors.

Situ Patenggang (stone of love)

Jul 3, 2011

Rest Area this time featuring  Situ Patenggang (stone of love), hopefully usefull...and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

South Bandung is full with a cool nature to be enjoyed. Especially Ciwidey area, in addition to a cool area full of tea plantations, there are some favorite tourist attractions. One Situ, a lake, accompanied by classical legend the royal past.

History or myth about Situ or lake surface due to a prince's nephew, King Siliwangi, Ki Santang and a distant mountain beautiful princess, goddess Rengganis who fell in love. But they do not love the journey as smooth and as wonderful as imagined by keudanya because separated by circumstances. So that their tears formed a lake there or. Furthermore, the lake was named by Situ (pronunciation pa-teng-gang) taken from the word-teangan pateangan derived from the Sundanese language, which means each search.

In the end they can be reassembled on a stone in it is called the stone of love. The lake gets its water from the river Cirengganis, which can be guessed from the name of this river is not it?
It is said that anyone who had been with her partner, then their love will be eternal. Because it happens because the myth hopefully readers can respond wisely ... ... ... Approximately 50 km from the capital city of Bandung district to the south, past Ciwidey a stopover place to buy souvenirs typical meal there. Next to Situ will pass through villages and tea plantations are enjoyed throughout the journey. Extensive tourist area (lake / forest there and) reach 150 ha.Di the lake there are many different types of fish, including tilapia, tilapia, carp, nilem, catfish, Paray and beunteur. 

Around the lake lived a variety of long-billed bird, the bird was named by the local community blekek, tikukur, and glass eyes. Around the lake there is a protected forest overgrown with grass and trees typical of a type of West Java puspa (Scima waliechi), Saninten (Castanopsisargentia), and the pasa (Cuercus sp). It is said that there still are animals Javan (Presbytis Comata) that is now on the verge of extinction.

Travel to the tourist attraction along the 46km from Bandung municipality may be said to be tiring mind watching Kopo road congestion as the only road access is easy compared to other lines as well as exhausting the muscles of the left foot to hold the clutch for the driver. If you've been through fly over the highway-Cileunyi Padalarang Kopo after the toll booth, then you will realize that the journey from the southern ring road to Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung regency town in Soreang is flat, the extent of about 10km. Even if you look at the map of administrative Soreang is the midpoint of the whole city. if not driving, can also use public transport facilities of the terminal Ciwidey with tariff of Rp. 5.000, - per person includes admission (admission per person Rp. 1.000, -). It would be different if your visitors are using personal vehicles (both 2 wheel and 4-wheel) or by bus entourage. 

Road conditions are flat (paved), enabling visitors to come to the region. Along the road to Situ plastered expanse of forests and tea gardens. Strawberry plantations also were encountered during the trip. Strawberry plantations generally provide facilities for visitors to pick their own strawberries from a tree planted in the pockets of other interesting plastik.Hal which can be enjoyed by visitors to natural attractions in the region is annually held a celebration of cultural rituals performed by people around Situ, thanksgiving is done as a manifestation of the sense of love and community care to their ancestral lands. Activities undertaken are usually planted crops on the island of love and stocking of fish seed around the area Situ.

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May 5, 2011

Rest Area this time featuring krakatau , hopefully useful...
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Administratively Krakatau belongs to Lampung Province. Krakatoa located in the Sunda Strait, Between Java and Sumatera Island, Had been wellknown and Recorded in the history since the 16th century. 
At times the Sunda Strait That Became a heavy business traffic line from Europe (Holland, England, etc) to East India (Indonesia). 

In this modern century Important Sunda Strait plays more roles as business traffic line as well as the field of geological and maritime research. 

Aerial View of Krakatoa today 

Ancient Krakatau was estimated 2.000 meters in height and radius of 9 Kms. 
Its great to Eruption Happened in pre-history in 416 as documented in the ancient Javanese book "Pustaka Raja", and left three island as the rest ie Rakata, Sertung and Long Island. 
In the later comes and expanding Rakata, Danan and deeds followed by volcanic Summits. 
The latest great Eruption of Krakatoa volcano Happened on 27th of the August 1883 and Destroyed most of its body (3 / 4 of it). It the caused the big wave with 40 meters height. 

Krakatau Monument at Teluk Betung A stemship anchored in the Gulf Betung 2.5 KMS port was thrown away and washed ashore in the lower course of Kuripan river. Also it the caused ash and stone hail squared Covered 300,000 miles or 483 sq Some KMS Within a radius of 150 Kms. 

Jakarta (Batavia) and around the Sunda Strait Such as Anyer, Merak, Labuan, Kalianda, Bay City Court Became Betung and pitch dark. 
The Eruption was Heard from Phillippines, Alice Springs, Rodriquez Island and Madagascar. The power of its Eruption was estimated to 21,547.6 atomic bomb multiplied. 
Besides that, the ash produced by the Eruption hail the caused obstruction of the view to the sun, so That it created a spectacular view as if the sun was Almost gone. 
After having 44 years rest, the child of Krakatau appeared in December 1927 and it is expanding Until now.  Today you cans come and step your foot on it closely searching the minerals (Volcanic bomb, lava, lappili) from the bottom of the earth thrown up the which were the resource persons through its creater.

Eruption of Krakatoa and its terific the which is Recorded in the history Invites now every one to come and witness for science as well as for pleasure. 
Now the child of Krakatau has reached approx 200 m above sea level with the diameter of 2 kilometres.The way to get there is from Canti located in Kalianda about an hour driving from Bandar Lampung, and the boats will of take to the Karakatau area.
 Near by the Krakatau there are Sebuku and sabesi island as for stopover and Staying over night. It only taken one and half hour from Canti.thanks to:Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia

Museum Gajah

Rest Area this time featuring Museum Gajah , hopefully useful...
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Museum Gajah a lot of collecting antiquities from all over the archipelago. Among other things belonging to the collection are ancient statues, inscriptions, other ancient objects and craft items. These collections are categorized into the ethnography, bronze, prehistoric, ceramics, textiles, numismatic, historical relics, and precious objects. Before building the National Library which is located at Jalan Salemba 27, Central Jakarta was established, Elephant Museum collection includes manuscripts of ancient manuscripts. 

These texts and collections of the Museum Elephants are kept in the National Library. Source collection came from archaeological excavations, grants collector since the days of the Dutch East Indies and purchases. Collection of ceramics and Indonesia in the museum's ethnographic collection is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. 

This museum is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia. An interesting collection is the tallest statue Bhairawa Statue at the National Museum with a high 414 cm this is a manifestation of the god Lokeswara or Awalokiteswara, which is the embodiment Boddhisatwa (radiant Buddha) in the earth. 

This statue of a man standing on the corpse and rows of skulls and holding a cup from the skull in his left hand and a short dagger with his right hand the Arab style, is found in Roco Padang, West Sumatra.It is estimated that the statue came from century to 13-14.The oldest collection of Buddhist statues in the museum is a statue of Buddha made of bronze Dipangkara, stored in a bronze chamber in its own glass box, a different fate with Buddha statues, Hindu statues of the oldest in the archipelago, namely Vishnu Cibuaya (about 4M) is located in the living statue in rock without text labels and hindered by a statue of Ganesha from the temple of Banon.

The National Museum is known as Museum Gajah elephant statue since awarded byKing Chulalongkorn from Thailand in 1871. But on May 28, 1979, the name officiallybecame the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia. Then on February 17, 1962,Indonesia's cultural institutions to manage it, gave the Museum to the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Since then the official museum management by the Directorate General of History and Archaeology, under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Butstarting in 2005, the National Museum under the management of the Ministry of Cultureand Tourism.

Notes on the website of the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia in 2001showed that the collection had reached 109,342 units. The number of collections thatmake this museum is known as the most comprehensive in Indonesia. In 2006 the number of fruit collection has already exceeded 140,000, but only a third that can bedisclosed to the public.

The museum is located at Jalan Merdeka Barat

onrust island

Rest Area this time featuring onrust island, hopefully useful.. and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

History records before the VOC seize That Anaheim and then replace it with a Batavia, They first have to build Onrust Island (1613), an island in the Thousand Islands group, and two years later began operating as a shipyard, the ships are Tired Nowhere through the earth datarik after half the distance to the beach, tilted, and patched-board the board the replacement of obsolete done. 
JP Coen, the founder of Batavia always feel suspicious people on the Java (Referred to by the Javanese people are VOC Central Java, East Java, West Java, and even the people of Kampong Java WHO have been there at That time in Palembang), prefer take advantage of Chinese migrant workers to be rough on the island of Onrust. 
Owing to the assistance Souw Kong Beng (Chinese migrants WHO changed from the first to Captain Chinese community in the early establishment of Batavia), a number of skilled labor migrants from the Chinese, especially the wood gatherer forced to work in the shipyard on the island of Onrust it. 

To protect the island That is now increasingly out of this abrasion eaten accidentally, in the mid-17th century, the island VOC complete with cannon-gun placed on the beach and fortresses Watcher. Dismping it, Also built a fortress and later in the year 1671, Artillery Also placed in place in the islands around the island of Onrust, Such as the Island Cuyper, Angel and coming to protect ships regenerate the middle and protect cargo ship terhdap pirate attacks That led by Francois Caron French origin, or from other sea raider WHO are many in number. 
In the century to 17 and 18, Onrust Island, has a Very Important role for the company fully recline strength in the ship. Supported by Carpenters, Carpenter Who is very skilled, shipyard in the small island is Also Able to improv the ship Endeover the damage after the circumference of the world (1770). James Cook, a ship captain WHO Also write a report about the many Batavia praised a shipyard as "the best in the entire eastern parts of the earth. 

Around the year 1775, Onrust live on the island of 1.200 people. Most of Them Are determine timber ships, as are a number of army the which flatfoot legal work force. Two years later Went about 300 servile, there are dozens of Them Also women. Also this small island has changed from crowded with a farrago of people, in Addition to ships That sail from the month-speaking Europe to Java or from India, Japan, and Also from Ambon to Batavia. 
In the year 1800 the British blockaded come Batavia. 
They then burn what is in the island. Not satisfied only that, six years later, in 1806 They Came Leaving again and note any islands from the shipyard in the Centuries before the name is popular in the international shipping duinia. Hilarity in the Onrust Also Seems becalmed. At the time Deandels Niew That reaction to the Batavia, Because Oud Batavia was not feasible Considered longer inhabited, the remnants of the building Also Onrust Island buildings demolished in the Oud Batavia.
Ingredients Used Untk build Weltervreden (Gambier Area now) as the center of Niew Batavia, Including the building Deandels Palace of the current Finance Minister in the Office of Field Service. 
Not long after, the British control of Batavia (1811-1816) and St. Raffles changed from Lieutenant Governor. Onrust Island not touched. Until later in the year 1823 Onrust again be Used to repair ships the Dutch East Indies government and the private sector.
a floating dry dock in the year 1856 Also paired in there. The subsequent years 1868 and a vigorous steam engine to serve ships of iron in bring in this area. However glories Onrust Seems to have stopped, Port of Tanjung Priok a more complete and unimpeded That stopover for ships operated the large (1883). 

Early 20th Century, Onrust Island rang back a number of people. Around the year 1911 the island is Used as a sanatorium for people with TB are many more That started in Batavia dirty water. Sanatorium is then Transferred to the Angel Island, along with use Onrust as a candidate for the post Congregation of Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca will of (1920). 
Not long later (1933), a number of prisoners placed on the island, hundreds of male Including Germany especially after the Civil internment Germany occupying the Netherlands. 
One of the internment Germany citizens on the island are descendants of the Jews. R. Frukstuck name. Originally he was displaced from Germany to Singapore at the time of Hitler's top Genocida do derivatives LL Smith. In Singapore Because he felt it continues to be pursued Nazis, he moved to the Dutch East Indies. But also because he still citizens of Germany, he to transit on this island together with other internment Germany. 
Then it independent of Indonesia. And guard prisoners on the island of Onrust Trickle find survivors.
Onrust Island Onrustpun notes (many) more. Meanwhile, the new name of Jakarta, Batavia, along with the influx of army Troops Dai Nippon, starting felt so Crowded. Migrants from the Corners of the archipelago race entering the capital. At the Same time, the newly independent nation only behind this spirit. Consequently, there is not money so much to attack the disease in Jakarta. 
Onrust return to the utilized.This time to isolate those who suffer from infectious diseases, Gutter and street beggar (1960-1965). That 'there is no record on this island, after people are isolation diseases, communicable and Drifter it. Until then Ali Sadikin Bung Karno be appointed by the Governor of Buenos Aires (1966-1977). At this time, Bang Ali Onrust as one of the protected historic site. 
Source: Kepulauan Seribu Membangun

Funeral In Toraja

Rest Area this time featuring Funeral In Toraja hopefully useful... and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has a unique funeral tradition, the ceremony reflects the mix of sadness and wealth. 
When Toraja Toraja dead on the ground, the deceased family member who is required to conduct a series of funerals which usually last for several days before the deceased was taken to a funeral site for burial. Family of the deceased must provide tens of buffalo and pigs for the ceremony.

The scene was busy funeral begins when visitors come and slaughter buffalo-field crowd. A group of cemetery visitors and family members of deceased wife a 'sad songs' known locally as ma'badong, the site is packed nemesis Buffaloes'.
The deceased was not buried immediately but stored in a traditional house - or Tongkonan, as locals call it - under the same roof with his family. Toraja people consider that will only fall ill and did not really die until his funeral when the first buffalo was sacrificed, then their spirits can start the journey to the Land of Souls.
The most interesting part of the ceremony and slaughter buffalo fights. Family members were asked to slaughter the buffalo and pigs because they believe that the spirit of the deceased will live in peace after that, kept a herd of buffalo has come to join him.

The fighting buffaloes attracted much attention from locals and visitors who crowd to catch a glimpse. 
Cheering and applause sounded throughout when the buffalo are fighting. The buffalo fighting then slaughtered and their meat distributed to the visitors of the cemetery. Distributions made in accordance with the position of visitors in the community, and the spirit of the deceased are also entitled to some meat, known locally as Aluk Todolo. The head of the buffalo returned to what is locally known as puya (a site for the soul or spirit of the dead) and their horns are placed in front of the house these relatives.More and more horns which adorn the front of the house, the higher the status of the deceased.

The body was not buried until the eleventh day of the ceremony. After the birth ceremony for the dead, marked by shouting family members, the deceased was buried - but not in the soil. The final resting place in a cave in the cliff.

Maritim Museum

May 4, 2011

Rest Area this time featuring Museum Bahari hopefully useful...
and Please support: Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia  For Seo Contest 2013

The former spice warehouse frequented by foreign tourists VOC

Museum Bahari save 126 collection maritime history objects. Particularly ships and boats of traditional commerce. Among the dozens of miniature boats on display there are 19 collections of original and 107 pieces of miniature, photographs and other marine biota.

Is a former spice warehouse Dutch East India Company, located on the banks of the beautiful Bay of Jakarta. A long time ago where it became an important commercial center. So busy that it needs strict guard, big ships and small back and forth transporting spices, in the form of clove, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tobacco, copra, tea leaves, coffee beans and others are transported to Europe and some other countries in the world.

The results of this archipelago became an important commodity monopoly trading company VOC (Vereningde Indische Compagnie), the Netherlands. Until now the old barn was still perched and impressed armature. Suitable modified its function as a museum that holds objects of marine history.
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