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Maritim Museum

May 4, 2011

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Rest Area this time featuring Museum Bahari hopefully useful...
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The former spice warehouse frequented by foreign tourists VOC

Museum Bahari save 126 collection maritime history objects. Particularly ships and boats of traditional commerce. Among the dozens of miniature boats on display there are 19 collections of original and 107 pieces of miniature, photographs and other marine biota.

Is a former spice warehouse Dutch East India Company, located on the banks of the beautiful Bay of Jakarta. A long time ago where it became an important commercial center. So busy that it needs strict guard, big ships and small back and forth transporting spices, in the form of clove, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tobacco, copra, tea leaves, coffee beans and others are transported to Europe and some other countries in the world.

The results of this archipelago became an important commodity monopoly trading company VOC (Vereningde Indische Compagnie), the Netherlands. Until now the old barn was still perched and impressed armature. Suitable modified its function as a museum that holds objects of marine history.
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