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May 5, 2011

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Rest Area this time featuring krakatau , hopefully useful...
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Administratively Krakatau belongs to Lampung Province. Krakatoa located in the Sunda Strait, Between Java and Sumatera Island, Had been wellknown and Recorded in the history since the 16th century. 
At times the Sunda Strait That Became a heavy business traffic line from Europe (Holland, England, etc) to East India (Indonesia). 

In this modern century Important Sunda Strait plays more roles as business traffic line as well as the field of geological and maritime research. 

Aerial View of Krakatoa today 

Ancient Krakatau was estimated 2.000 meters in height and radius of 9 Kms. 
Its great to Eruption Happened in pre-history in 416 as documented in the ancient Javanese book "Pustaka Raja", and left three island as the rest ie Rakata, Sertung and Long Island. 
In the later comes and expanding Rakata, Danan and deeds followed by volcanic Summits. 
The latest great Eruption of Krakatoa volcano Happened on 27th of the August 1883 and Destroyed most of its body (3 / 4 of it). It the caused the big wave with 40 meters height. 

Krakatau Monument at Teluk Betung A stemship anchored in the Gulf Betung 2.5 KMS port was thrown away and washed ashore in the lower course of Kuripan river. Also it the caused ash and stone hail squared Covered 300,000 miles or 483 sq Some KMS Within a radius of 150 Kms. 

Jakarta (Batavia) and around the Sunda Strait Such as Anyer, Merak, Labuan, Kalianda, Bay City Court Became Betung and pitch dark. 
The Eruption was Heard from Phillippines, Alice Springs, Rodriquez Island and Madagascar. The power of its Eruption was estimated to 21,547.6 atomic bomb multiplied. 
Besides that, the ash produced by the Eruption hail the caused obstruction of the view to the sun, so That it created a spectacular view as if the sun was Almost gone. 
After having 44 years rest, the child of Krakatau appeared in December 1927 and it is expanding Until now.  Today you cans come and step your foot on it closely searching the minerals (Volcanic bomb, lava, lappili) from the bottom of the earth thrown up the which were the resource persons through its creater.

Eruption of Krakatoa and its terific the which is Recorded in the history Invites now every one to come and witness for science as well as for pleasure. 
Now the child of Krakatau has reached approx 200 m above sea level with the diameter of 2 kilometres.The way to get there is from Canti located in Kalianda about an hour driving from Bandar Lampung, and the boats will of take to the Karakatau area.
 Near by the Krakatau there are Sebuku and sabesi island as for stopover and Staying over night. It only taken one and half hour from Canti.thanks to:Sekolah Belajar Forex FBS Indonesia
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