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Museum Bali

Jul 16, 2011

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Bali Museum which was built in 1910 using traditional architecture with Balinese ornaments. Follow the physical structure of the physical structure of the palace building (castle) or place of worship (heaven, temple merajan) based on the concept of the abject mandala trimanandala Jaba linings (outer) middle mandala: Jaba the middle (the outside before entering the nucleus), and the main mandala offal ( the core).

On the front right corner in the middle there is a building called the Bale bengong. front left there is a building called a bale kulkul. At the core (viscera) there is a building consisting of three buildings that is building in the north of Tabanan, Karangasem building in the middle - tenagah, Buleleng building in the south. Tabanan building used as a place exhibits collection of art and ethnography, Karangasem Building used as an exhibition of objects of prehistoric, archaeological history, ethnography and fine arts as well as several paintings morder.

Buleleng building used as a place to exhibit a collection of tools housewares, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment tools, statues and primitive style sedehana made of clay, stone and so forth.


Bali Museum Denapasar centrally located, on the east field bellows Badung. The shape of the building extends from north to south which is divided into two bgian. The northern part is an old complex of buildings planned and built in 1910. Consisting of three main buildings are buildings of Tabanan, Karangasem and buildings Buleleng Building. Its function is penyelenggararan permanent exhibition. The southern section is a newly built complex banguna 1969. In this new complex of buildings there is the library, and also building a temporary exhibition. The whole complex of new buildings for administrative functions and organization of temporary exhibitions or fairs regularly held by the Museum of Bali itself or certain other institutions. Staging or performing arts are also performed at the new complex of buildings in the south.


The facilities available in the form of buildings of historical and ethnographic storage since since prehistoric times until the modern period of three buildings called buildings Tabanan, Karangasem and Buleleng in the north is the place where goods goods ethnographic art, ancient texts (inscriptions) , ceramics, porcelain figurines, household tools, farming tools, weapons, ceremonial tools, paintings, leather puppets and so forth. Third storage building relics of the past in place to enable the permanent exhibition. New buildings constructed in the southern part in 1969 is to facilitate the development of service facilities for visitors. Available facilities: libraries, laboratories, building for temporary exhibitions and a collection of contemporary relic, the office employees. In the front all the way Lt. Col. Brown is available  vehicle parking facilities for visitors. There is also a canteen that sells drinks and food for the visitors.
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