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Funeral In Toraja

May 5, 2011

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Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has a unique funeral tradition, the ceremony reflects the mix of sadness and wealth. 
When Toraja Toraja dead on the ground, the deceased family member who is required to conduct a series of funerals which usually last for several days before the deceased was taken to a funeral site for burial. Family of the deceased must provide tens of buffalo and pigs for the ceremony.

The scene was busy funeral begins when visitors come and slaughter buffalo-field crowd. A group of cemetery visitors and family members of deceased wife a 'sad songs' known locally as ma'badong, the site is packed nemesis Buffaloes'.
The deceased was not buried immediately but stored in a traditional house - or Tongkonan, as locals call it - under the same roof with his family. Toraja people consider that will only fall ill and did not really die until his funeral when the first buffalo was sacrificed, then their spirits can start the journey to the Land of Souls.
The most interesting part of the ceremony and slaughter buffalo fights. Family members were asked to slaughter the buffalo and pigs because they believe that the spirit of the deceased will live in peace after that, kept a herd of buffalo has come to join him.

The fighting buffaloes attracted much attention from locals and visitors who crowd to catch a glimpse. 
Cheering and applause sounded throughout when the buffalo are fighting. The buffalo fighting then slaughtered and their meat distributed to the visitors of the cemetery. Distributions made in accordance with the position of visitors in the community, and the spirit of the deceased are also entitled to some meat, known locally as Aluk Todolo. The head of the buffalo returned to what is locally known as puya (a site for the soul or spirit of the dead) and their horns are placed in front of the house these relatives.More and more horns which adorn the front of the house, the higher the status of the deceased.

The body was not buried until the eleventh day of the ceremony. After the birth ceremony for the dead, marked by shouting family members, the deceased was buried - but not in the soil. The final resting place in a cave in the cliff.
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